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Find Your Way Back to God

My Soul Says Yes is a Bold Christian Movement serving a number of states in America: Colorado, Kansas California, and Texas. Providing Christ-centered programs and resources, we help people become strong leaders and active servants of God.

In our community, you will find friends to connect with, events to join, and opportunities that can help you grow. Our services are designed to support you in both your personal and professional goals. More than helping you achieve success, we are here to fuel your faith and strengthen your relationship with God.

About Us

Founded in July 2013 by Cynthia Cash (RN, BSN), we are a network of Christian leaders who are all driven to spread the truth about Jesus Christ. Our mission is divided into three parts goes as follows

Our first mission is to empower people and prepare them for challenges their mind, body, and spirit will encounter. We have an older generation of leaders ready to share their experience and guide the next generation through everyday living.

Second, we aspire to strengthen your bond with God. The world today can be scary, and we are here to help you get to know God again. When you put Him first, everything else in your life aligns and balances. Lift your troubles up to God and let His faith and love empower you!

Finally, we are here to change the way you experience faith. We actively spread God’s message through various activities, such as songs, dances, workshops, webinars, and social events, throughout the year. Expect to find an abundance of unique and engaging experiences that you will genuinely enjoy. We also foster a very positive, social community to further encourage interaction between members.

My Soul Says Yes

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